Discover the 3 Reasons Why WordPress Readers Can Drastically Stunt the Growth of Your Traffic

Hey neighbors!

Today I wanted to talk about the importance of getting readers outside of WordPress. Getting the support of fellow bloggers is a wonderful thing. But did you know counting on your fellow bloggers alone for traffic will stunt the growth of your blog. Unfortunately, there is too many bloggers who may be trying to compete with you in your niche, and who are overwhelmed with trying to be a reader/blogger. I personally can say juggling both can get overwhelming!  Here is some of the benefits of getting readers outside of WordPress:

  1. There’s a lesser chance the reader is a competitor.
  2. You can publish more articles.
  3. You will get an increased loyal fan base.

Now let me explain the benefits in detail. The first benefit says that there’s a decreased chance the reader is a competitor. So for example say someone’s niche is poems. They write wonderful poems, as well as enjoy reading them. But on the other hand, they find themselves getting a little jealous and start to compare theirs to yours. But the reader who found you through Facebook doesn’t have such emotions. Why? Because they don’t write, they just read. And I’m not saying that all bloggers are like that! But this is real life and not everybody will have goodwill towards other bloggers.

Now the second one say you can publish more articles. Yes you can! This is perfect for those of you who love to  publish 4 articles and more per day. So say for example your niche is short stories. You like to publish up to five or more a day. But that’s not convenient for me as a blogger. Why? Because I have 30 other bloggers I’m trying to support, I have my family to take care of, and my own article to write (which takes time). Now I’m left feeling  awful because I couldn’t get through reading all of your stories. But the reader from Facebook on the other hand read all 5 short stories! Why? Because they aren’t a blogger. They simply like to sit down in their spare time and read.

Which leads me right into my 3rd reason. If a reader finds you outside of WordPress, that means they most likely searched your niche out through the search engine, or someone shared it through social media and they took a look.  So say for example your niche is writing articles on black culture, and someone using google typed in black culture in the 50’s. Then your post came up in the search results titled, “Famous Black Musicians of the Fifties.” The reader clicks your link, read the material, and enjoys it.  And not only did they enjoy it, but now they are a loyal fan! Not a loyal fan of yours and 60 other bloggers, but yours and a few other’s. So the result is that they will read as many articles as you put out with joy!

My points are the following: 

  • Depending on WordPress alone for readers will stunt your growth.
  • There is too many readers that are potential competitors
  • Readers outside of WordPress have more time to enjoy your work
  • Outside of WordPress you will get more loyal fans. 

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21 thoughts on “Discover the 3 Reasons Why WordPress Readers Can Drastically Stunt the Growth of Your Traffic

  1. This was really helpful! I need to find a way to drive more “outsiders” to my blog. I have a FB page for it but I need to stop the automatic uploads and use the .com site for that page. If you have other suggestions we’d all love to hear them!

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  2. Very true! I would add that this is why it’s important to have another social media niche/following, whatever you want to call it. I post a few things via the FB fanpage and Twitter, which ensures other people see it and re-post, etc. Great advice!

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  3. This is great and something I have believed in for the last two years I have been blogging (consistently). Any reader/follower to your blog is welcomed. I love my WP dot com readers and visit them as much as possible. Due to linking at link parties and other sharing methods, I read and follow a large number of bloggers outside of WP. I even self-hosted for a while but went back to dot com because I just didn’t want to work that hard anymore! Loving your site!

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  4. Interesting viewpoint. I never really thought about it in this way. Although I love it when someone follows my blog, I’m already overwhelmed with the 200+ followers I have because I also want to be actively reading THEIR blogs too.

    It’s hard to keep up when there’s 200+ blogs you’re also trying to be updated with. I do post on an FB page, but I don’t have much followers there lol

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