Love in it’s apex grade

I wanted to share this. I hope you guys enjoy as much as I did😊. Go check him out!

kens lite pen

This is not folly,

This is not lunacy,

This is love in it’s apex grade,

Despite your decision, and humbleness,

We will still disobey you,

Despite your commands,

We will still give a deaf hear to them,

Why die?

No one was there to be our hero,

No one could bear such pain,

No one.

Your father, our father chose you,

You accepted,

You knew the pain,

You knew the stripes that will be embodied on your flesh,

Yet, you agreed.

You’re a king,

Yet, you lie in wait to be carried like a sheep,

Truth is what you are, yet, we called you a liar,

You did not fight back,

You did not send your army.

Will you forgive us if we beg for forgiveness?


Will you treat us according to our sins?


Will you accept us back if we choose to secede from your ways?

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