Hey! Over Here!

Hey neighbors! I know that I still have that crowd that think that people who have a lot of views have some sort of magic powers! And I’m telling you now to “STOP IT! ” ๐Ÿ˜„ Getting views is not magic or some sneaky trick. Your content has to be “WORTH” reading! But, today I’m going to give you yet another tip on how to at least get your post clicked into out the hundreds of others.

First off, yes, your featured image does matter! You need to make sure it’s at least ONE of the following:

  • The picture is relevant to your post.
  • The picture is unique or colorful.
  • It’s a picture that could spark interest or curiosity.

People tend to enjoy blogs that have pictures more than the ones that don’t. And if you don’t use pictures, make sure your title make up for it. When you pick your featured image, ask yourself if it’s a picture that you would find interesting if you were scrolling through post. For example, I used this giphy photo because it’s relevant to my topic, it’s colorful, it’s portraying my message, and it’s not just an average picture. When I picked out my featured image, I really tried to put thought into it. I emphasized my title because I wanted you to really understand that I have something to say, and it goes perfect with my subject!

For the title, You don’t want to just simply say what the post is about. For example, your title say the following:

Fun Family Trip!ย 

Readers will say, “Oh, how nice.๐Ÿ˜ŠNext!”

It’s not that the reader is trying to be mean, it’s just that the title below yours from your fellow blogger say the following:

You won’t believe the miracle that happen during my family vacation!ย 

That made the reader say, “REALLY!๐Ÿ˜ƒ I want to know!”ย 

Which one sounded better to you?ย 

Readers want you to sate their cravings for an interesting read. Sometimes even something chaotic. Readers don’t want to hear in general what your post is about. Readers need to know they aren’t wasting time clicking into yours out the others. Readers want ย at least a clue about something in your post that will be interesting.ย But please be honest! Don’t say a miracle happen if it didn’t! You will only take the chance of the reader becoming angry and feeling cheated! They might not come back again. You are merely highlighting something interesting that’s ACTUALLY in your post, for the readers convenience. Not a trick to grab their attention!ย 

Also, let me give you an example for the featured image.

This is the picture that goes with “Fun family trip. ” This picture is very boring. There is nothing about it that will give me a clue that you have something interesting to say!
“Fun family trip!”Even though this is a cartoon image, it’s still fun, colorful, and let me know there could be something worth reading. So if you insist on plain titles, make up for it with a fun picture!


“You won’t believe the miracle that happen during my family vacation!” Despite this being a boring photo, the title spoke volumes. The reader is now creating all these different possibilities of what miracle could have happen with the water. Did the person almost die in the water!!!! Do you guys get my point?

My points are the following:

  • You need a featured image that will grab someone’s attention.ย 
  • If not a picture, then a title that will grab a readers attention.
  • Be totally honest in your picture and title.
  • You are only wording the title in a way that let readers know you have something interesting to say!
  • Let the picture or title do the talking for you.ย 

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Credit: Pictures from giphy and pixabay

And orange guy from https://www.toons.tv/ and giphy


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