Betcha! I have something to say! Discover a tip that could boost your views

Hey neighbors! Despite all the tips I have given, I’m sure some of you are still wondering when I’m going to tell you the “secret” or “magical” way to increase your readers. But there’s no magical way that I know of. The only way I know of is to have interesting content. Content that grab a readers attention. So far, I have given you guys tips on how to get readers to at least click into your blog, but it doesn’t stop there. You have to prevent readers from clicking out! The tip I’m going to give is only the beginning. I’ve noticed that WordPress is a very clean cut community. I read a good amount of blogs, and I feel that a lot of bloggers are too censored.The person we see on WordPress, and the person your family and friends see, I bet are two different people. I bet some of you curse like a sailor, and speak your opinion to family and friends all the time in your personal lives; whether they want to hear it or not! Did you know that hiding your true personality and voice could stunt your growth? Most of us hide what we really want to say because we are afraid of backlash,  rejection, or hurting someone’s feelings. I’m not saying you have to be outright vulgar, but I bet there’s something you been itching to say, but you haven’t said it! Did you know that just because your friends said they didn’t want to hear your opinion, doesn’t mean that there’s not hundreds of others on WordPress that do?  For example, you feel strongly about people eating meat. Everyday you are encouraging people to become vegetarian. You offer people vegetarian recipes, offer health benefits, and tell people you love animals. But have you dug deeper? You should  be mentioning the following:

  • What made you come to that choice, and why should others make the choice you made? And if they don’t, how will it make you feel?
  • Did you see something horrific? If so, SAY IT! What did you see exactly?
  • How do you feel when you see others eating meat? If you get really angry, SAY IT! If you could do something about it, what would you do?

Now this is where some of you might say,” That’s rude, you shouldn’t shove your beliefs on others!” But why not? What about the readers who think the exact same way? What about those who are cheering you on because you became their voice? Yes, some will become offended, and it could elicit negative emotions in people, but I bet they will read your post anyway😏. You can’t expect everybody to agree with you. Why? Because we all have our own OPINION! Yes, your post could become controversial. Sometimes controversial becomes viral😉. But hey, being a successful blogger is not always for the weak at heart. But I bet your readers will anticipate your next post!

My points are the following:

  • There’s no magical way to increase your readers
  • You have to say something that will prevent readers from clicking out
  • Stop always censoring yourself
  • There’s people out there who actually want to hear your opinion
  • Be more specific in your content
  • Don’t expect people to always agree (we all have our own opinion)
  • Be prepared for backlash
  •  Controversial can become viral
  • Successful blogs is not always for the weak at heart. 

If you would like to participate in a challenge that encourage you to speak your mind, go to my post👇

Quick challenge! What’s your opinion on Thanksgiving?

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