Are you still publishing too many post? Discover why doing this could ruin your blog

Hey neighbors! I wanted to explain more reasons why I personally don’t agree with putting out too many post. I know that some people suggest putting out multiple post because the more you put out, the better chance your post has of getting noticed. Also, their’s a better chance they will take interest if you always have material to read. But did you know that following that theory could come back and bite you? You should never push out more post than you can handle. Yes, I’m sure you could generate a lot of post if you wanted to, but are the post going to be of quality? Or are you rambling on just to get more post published? Did you know that readers can tell when you are rambling on? Guess what happens to those post; people exit out and say, “next! ” You will only elicit the feeling of your readers becoming annoyed and overwhelmed. If you want to be a professional blogger, you have to give people your best; even if it means putting out only one post a day. Us writers put so much effort into our blog. Sometimes it takes a couple of hours just to write one post. So you want to increase the chances of readers actually reading  at least half. People usually try to get to the meat of your post anyway. Allow the readers to develop anticipation.

My points are the following: 

  • Don’t publish more than you can handle.
  • Don’t ramble on.
  • Don’t sacrifice quality for quantity.
  • Don’t take the risk of readers leaving. 
  • Allow room for anticipation

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27 thoughts on “Are you still publishing too many post? Discover why doing this could ruin your blog

  1. I have actually just decided to cut down my posts from 2 per week to 1 per week. It’s mostly because of time-management and honestly I prefer to put out one post that is well-researched and (hopsully) interesting rather than many little posts that are just nice.

    I haven’t really see a decline in traffic, at the moment, but I’ve been doing this for just one month. Let’s see how it turns out 🙂

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  2. Well said. I followed a blog that was spitting out posts every half hour or so. It was very off putting and flooded my reader. Needless to say I quickly unfollowed. I sometimes put out two or three in a day (depending on genre and inspiration) and even that I feel is too much. Personally, it’d be difficult for me to justify the quality of my posts if I posted anymore frequently than that.

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  3. This post really spoke to me …I am a turtle if this were a race …to me it is not. I write only when my heart leads and I can handle one post a week, only sometimes two. Not sure where that leads …but I don’t know another way yet …

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  4. I agree with you, I often find it off putting to read too many posts by the same author. It depends I believe on the genre too. However I visit blogs to find a good post which is like to spend time to read and absorb and feedback, yet I find so many posts by them the very next day, which leaves me with trying to keep up with many of my fellow bloggers along with those who post too much within a day. So I’m with you on this one.

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