Betcha! People aren’t clicking my link! Apply these useful tactics to your thumbnail to get more traffic

let me give you a disclaimer. This post is for people who hope to use their blog as a career. Not for people who use their blog as a hobby😊. Hey neighbors! We are going into the weekend! That means their are usually meet and greets! But I want you to have the best first impression as possible! Remember, when doing meet and greets the only thing we see is your thumbnail, title, and link. That means your picture and title has to do the advertising! Did you know that titles and thumbnails that are not appealing will get passed up? Remember, we literally have hundreds of blogs to choose from. We as readers are constantly asking 2 questions about your blog. Are you interesting, and is there anything I can benefit from. You have to tell us that in your title and thumbnail alone. We want to know if we are wasting time clicking in. I’m going to let you know how I feel looking at the pictures below. When you look at the photos, you might interpret it differently. But the same general idea stands. You as the reader don’t have time to spend seconds or minutes trying to think if you are interpreting it right and if you should click in!

Please explain why your thumbnail look this way in your title. If your blog is about depression, then let that be known in your title. If you don’t, I’ll assume you are a boring person with nothing to say.
Us as the readers can take this and easily perceive this the wrong way. So make sure your title explains your thumbnail clearly. If you claim your blog gives love advice, we might immediately become skeptical! But if you claim you’re a model or poet, we will then become curious to know your story. That’s a good thing!
This guy is dressed perfect as a professional! But there’s one problem. He’s not showing his face. This is not good for me as a reader because now I’m wasting time wondering what does he have to hide. Do you trust a professional who make you feel like their hiding?
This lady is dressed perfect as a professional! But there is one problem. She’s not really smiling. So if she was to advertise herself as a counselor, I would waste time wondering why she isn’t smiling. Is she not passionate about her profession. I don’t have time to keep thinking up reasons, so I’m going to say, “NEXT!”
If someone is trying to advertise themselves as a professional, it’s important to show a warm inviting smile as well as a professional appearance. We as readers want to feel as we can trust you.
This picture shows a happy couple. This is perfect for someone who gives love advice, or just like to blog about their relationship! If you want us to believe you can give good advice on relationships, immediately sell us with a happy picture!
In my opinion, this picture screams here I am! She looks fun, inviting, and creative. I got a general idea about her  personality just from the picture alone.
This picture can go for someone who doesn’t want to show their face. But , the picture is letting us know that you took time out to display a cheerful picture to compensate.
If you’re a couple and you don’t want to show your identity. This drawing is perfect because it shows a happy couple. Also, us as readers are so distracted by how cute this is, that we aren’t thinking about how we don’t see you.

So did you get a better idea? Let me give you a list of things to consider when choosing a thumbnail.

  • Does your thumbnail give a clue of your personality? 
  • Does your thumbnail match your title? 
  • Can we misperceive you? 
  • Do you create mystery or something that sparks immediate interest? 
  • As a professional do you look trusting? 
  • If you’re not showing your face does your picture or title compensate? 

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Betcha didn’t know! 😄


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17 thoughts on “Betcha! People aren’t clicking my link! Apply these useful tactics to your thumbnail to get more traffic

  1. I have a question… How do you link back to your previous posts without self pingbacks? I have been trying to on my blog but it constantly sends a pingback to my own post. Is there an alternative you would know ?


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