“Psst! Want to know a secret?”Discover a secret that readers don’t often reveal

Psst! Come in close. Are you listening? Good. There’s a lot of blogs out there as you hear me mention over and over again! No, I myself don’t have the most successful blog out there. And I’m not near a thousand follows just yet. I only started Betcha didn’t know a little over a month ago. So I won’t sell you this tip off of my blog alone.But, I can give you advice from a readers point of view! Why you ask? Because I have been reading blogs long before I even had the desire to  do so myself! So I’m telling you this from someone standing outside the box looking in. Ok, Ok! Don’t get mad at me! I’ll finally reveal the secret to you! Did you know that the title of someones blog caught my attention! For example, there’s a blog called flashlight batteries. When I saw the title, it brought a cozy feeling to me. So I clicked right in to take a peek! I liked the poetry, so I clicked follow! Did you know that thumbnails also brought me joy and laughter! Titles and thumbnails are your first impression! It’s what can draw you in at first sight! For example, someone could be having a bad day, and they are scrolling through comments at a meet and greet .  Then the title, ” I like guys with no teeth! ” showed up as a title on a blog. Then, they showed a grandpa with no teeth as a thumbnail! I burst out laughing. I immediately click the link to check it out. I love the blog so I hit follow. You got picked out the crowd because your title and thumbnail grabbed me.

My points for this post is the following: 

  • Titles are important
  • Thumbnails are important
  • Your title and thumbnail is your true first impression! 
  • Titles and thumbnails speak volumes
  • It can be what gets you picked out from the crowd
  • you can get a follow from your title and thumbnail alone. 

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9 thoughts on ““Psst! Want to know a secret?”Discover a secret that readers don’t often reveal

  1. Couldn´t agree more, the title is key to draw in someone. But then you do have to follow through with the writing or photography or whatever the subject matter is your blog about. I will also add another little tip, keep it short. I would love to read all the people that follow me and others that don´t, but the day has so many hours. So keep it short and in my case funny, crazy, dumb, e.t.c. well, sometimes serious and introspective, I go all over the place. But since you can only read so many, can´t read them all, the ones that are very very long I either scan them or I just can´t afford the time to read it all since I also want to get to others. So keep it short would be a good advice in my humble opinion. Glad you liked my blog, looking forward to reading more of yours with time.

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      1. I usually scan those and pick here and there an idea of what the overall theme is about, I got pretty good at that. Although with certain other people, and if I have time I will spend it in reading it closely. As I have said, these wordpress thing is my free online university. If you take away what I have to pay for the internet that is.

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