Betcha! Where is my traffic? Discover the easy step you could be missing!

Hey neighbors! Do you write a post then submit it, then go about your day? Is that your daily routine? Then stop now! You have to understand that WordPress has thousands of bloggers that submit post everyday. Did you know that means you can get lost in the crowd! From your point of view, you might be saying, “I just wrote this awesome poem. People would have to be an idiot to pass it by.” But guess what. Us readers don’t even know you exist! We won’t know you exist unless you reveal yourself. How do you reveal yourself you ask? Easy! You join as many meet and greets as possible. When you join meet and greets, us readers will finally know that you exist. Joining meet and greets, including link parties, let us readers know that you want to be seen, and you might potentially have content I’ll want to read! Also, don’t be a stranger. Visit as many blogs as you possibly can. Why? Because meet and greets can be pages long and you can get lost their too. Let other bloggers know that you exist! And it let bloggers know that you take interest in your peers blogs too ! Remember, with any business, you have to advertise and promote yourself. For example, a new resturant just opened. They have put a lot of work and dedication into the resturant opening. They are feeling pretty confident! But there’s one problem. They aren’t seeing any traffic coming into their resturant besides a few people who happen to pass by. Do you know what the problem is? The problem is that they forgot to advertise! Where are their commercials, flyers, and website? How else are we going to know they exist? That’s why I reblog as many meet and greets on my blog as I can. Because I want to encourage you to be seen in as many places as possible!

My points are the following:

  • Don’t just submit post thinking you’ll will just be found
  •  posting your link let us readers know you want to be found
  • you have to advertise your blog
  • Join as many meet and greets and link parties as possible! 
  • WordPress is a huge platform that you can get lost in! 
  • Don’t be antisocial! It makes you look stuck- up to your peers! 

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Betcha didn’t know!😃


31 thoughts on “Betcha! Where is my traffic? Discover the easy step you could be missing!

  1. Great post. It takes time to get a good following. Some just hit the like button and leave. I like to get followers that comment, I know that they actually read the post, story etc. and let me know what they think, which helps all writers. It is almost like a mini review. I almost always leave a comment or I will share on twitter, goggle, etc. :o)

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    1. When you scroll through your reader, some of your fellow bloggers might be hosting one or reblogged one. If you see a blogger hosting one, make sure to read the rules and jump right in! Most of the time, you simply just leave your link in the comment section along with others. 😃

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    2. I have a meet and greet running on my blog. But for now I accept posts from Bloggers who follow me who would like me to share or repost their posts. Or you can look up “dream big” it’s also another great blog run by Danny I believe and he’s runs them every week. And a couple others. Like he said search for them on your feed. Good luck 😊

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      1. I have followed you. I will have a look through your blog when I have chance tomorrow. 1130pm.. My bedtime.. I will also check out dream big thanks x

        Liked by 3 people

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