Bonus tip! How to publish multiple post in one easy step

Let me give you guys a quick tip!

If you are eager to publish a lot of post, but still want them read, then skip a day or two of blogging. Also, my fellow blogger Ocoto Enigma left a comment saying that when you take a day off from blogging, reposting is important so that it doesn’t get lost amongst the other post. Why should you do this? Because you will give everyone a chance to read the material. For example, If I publish 5 or 6 of these articles today, and they are long, then I won’t blog tomorrow. I will just repost yesterdays material again. That way  I will give you a chance to read them at your own pace! And when you are finished, hopefully you will look forward to more post, because I gave you proper time to take it all in! Thanks Ocoto.

My point:

Give proper space between the post.

Reblog so it dosen’t get lost. 

please feel free to add more suggestions in the comment box everyone!👇😊


Betcha didn’t know!😄

Don’t forget the daily prompt



19 thoughts on “Bonus tip! How to publish multiple post in one easy step

  1. Hey!
    Thank you for sharing this tidbit of advice. I just recently started reblogging older post that people may not have seen (back when I started blogging) and some people may disagree because it might come off greedy, but I look at it as everyone gets a chance to read it again in case someone missed out!

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