I still have a lot to say! Now what? Discover the secret to writing a long post

Hey neighbors! If you read my post “what do betcha say? My advice on Seven steps to a successful blog”, I mentioned that it’s important to keep your post short. But when you have a lot that you’re just itching to say, that can put you in a dilemma. It also can stunt your creativity. So what is the solution? The solution is to put your post in two parts. If you have a lot to say, and cutting it short will sacrafice the quality of your post, then make a part 2. For example, I might have a post ranting about who I wanted to be the next president. My first half would be about why I chose that particular person, then the next part would be the actual rant about how I didn’t get my choice. It’s a good cliffhanger. Let the readers know to stay tuned for part 2; they won’t want to miss what you have to say next. That’s giving us readers a reason to return!

So my points for this post is the following: 

  • Don’t sacrafice your material
  •  Cut the post in half
  • leave a cliffhanger(a melodramatic adventure serial in which each installment ends in suspense in order to interest the reader or viewer in the next installment.)
  • you want your readers to come back! 

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What do betcha say? My advice on Seven steps to a successful blog


I hope I have inspired someone out there! Let me know in the comment section if this was of any help! Also, don’t forget to participate in the daily prompt! 




Betcha didn’t know!😄

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6 thoughts on “I still have a lot to say! Now what? Discover the secret to writing a long post

    1. Thanks for making that point😃! I totally agree, sometimes people might not have time. Especially us peer bloggers. That’s why I promote creating a fan base. True fans will definitely keep coming back. But those of us who were just passing by, need you to give us a reason to visit again. If not, we will look for a quick thrill elsewhere😳. Thanks for the feedback! 👍

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  1. It’s not about getting more people hooked to your blog or releasing a trailer or teaser, or getting more foot falls or the sales. For some it’s about expressing themselves. Not everyone dresses to please others, I am few of those who live for themselves are neither anti social nor people pleaser. Log to Bhagwan se bhi khush nahi, khud khush rehna seekhna chahiye (use Google translate, this is Hindi)

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    1. Thanks for the feedback😊. I totally agree with you. We should be able to express ourselves. And you have perfect advice for someone blogging for a hobby😊My post is for those who want to hopefully make income from their blog. And if that isn’t the the case, the reader comes first. 😉Happy blogging!


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