Like posting your link on meet and greets? Here’s a quick and easy tip!

Hi guys! I wanted to get this post out to you as early as possible! Weekends usually have a few meet and greets. And that means  you have the opportunity to advertise! But are you not getting the desired attention you would like when you post your link? Let me give you advice from a reader point of view. I’m a real person who is short of time. If you read any of my prior post, you’ll know I have five kids and a husband. So my blogging time is limited! I also have slow internet, so loading times are sometimes slow. So why am I telling you this? Because there are tons of other people just like me who are also short of time. So what does this mean for you? People are looking for convenience just like me. We want to see what you have to offer NOW! We don’t want to have to scroll through and try to find a post that interest us. In other words, post a link to a specific post. A post that you are proud of. This is you advertising your blog. If I like what I see, I will proceed on to other post and follow. But if I click in, and your top post about Flames don’t impress me, I will sometimes have to move on. Why you ask? Because I don’t have time to wait for my internet to load so I can get to other post! And on top of that, my kids will be waking up from nap soon. So instead of trying to navigate through, I move on. I move on because I want to get to other people blogs also. I don’t have time to focus on just one!  Your goal is to draw in traffic, not run away. So here is a summary of my main points:

  • Us readers are short of time
  • Your job is to make things convenient
  • Provide a link directly to your favorite post
  • It’s our job to read and your job to advertise
  • Don’t loose potential followers because of inconvenience!

Betcha didn’t know!😄

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25 thoughts on “Like posting your link on meet and greets? Here’s a quick and easy tip!

  1. This is some good and relevant advice. It’s true that none of us have time to be scrolling through several posts, just to find the right one. I have great service and a reliable device, and still, I don’t have time for that either. I hope people read and take heed because it’s kind of like a first impressions kind of thing, just for those blogging parties.

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