What do betcha say? My advice on Seven steps to a successful blog

Tons of people on WordPress have the dream of having a great and prosperous blog. Whether you’re doing it for personal enjoyment or financial gain, it always feel good to know your work is appreciated. When you see bloggers who have over a thousand follows and dozens of likes; you can’t help but to wonder how can you get in on the action! I’m going to give you my personal advice on how to grow a blog of substance.

  1. First of all, your bread and butter is your talent. We all are blessed with a gift of some sort. Whether it be art, cooking, poems, mentoring , and so on, it’s important to display your talent . The biggest mistake you can make is force yourself to “fit in”. Don’t try to copycat. Too many people doing the same thing gets boring and your blog will never stand out. It’ll just get lost in the crowd! Be original.
  2. Don’t get caught up in follows! Yes, I understand that seeing a whole lot of follows on your blog gives a sence of pride. But the truth is that follows never match your views or likes. You can have 1,000 follows and only 300 people view your post. Your goal should not be to just collect follows, but to gain a substantial number of fan base.
  3. You have to give to receive. You have to understand that just like how you enjoy people reading your material, other people like it too. Try to also invest time in reading and liking others! Some people really do appreciate your time and they’ll sometime return the attention.
  4. Don’t make EVERY post too lengthy! Sad to say, not too many of us have unlimited amounts of time. We have work, school, and kids. Then if you incorporate the time it takes to create our own post as well as read yours and others; it can become very time consuming.  We will most likely skip through parts. Now if you insist on doing it anyway, just don’t get your feelings hurt when you find out more people liked your post about Vegetal , then actually reading your post.
  5. This rule continues from step 4. Don’t throw out five or six post per day. The same rule applies. If you want to increase the chances of people actually reading your post. Make sure it’s as convienient as possible. Remember, your goal is to get a fan base. They will never get to discover the true value of your blog if they are rushing through!
  6. Try to get fan base outside of WordPress also. Let’s face it! There’s too many bloggers who may look at you as competition. As much as we all insist that we support each other, there’s still tons of people who see you as nothing more than competition. It’s not real life to assume that all bloggers that have a blog about cooking support each other. Sometimes people just stop by to see what their up against or steal material! And those of us who are genuine, we have to balance out making and reading post too.  So consider extending your follows from places like Facebook or Twitter.
  7. Lastly, don’t get caught up in the dream of overnight success! Follows are somewhat easy to accomplish. It’s getting true fans that’s going to be there in the long run that’s difficult. Creating a truly prosperous blog can take a year and more. Don’t let chasing unrealistic expectations be the defeat of your blog.

I hope this post inspired someone out there!

Betcha didn’t know!😄

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21 thoughts on “What do betcha say? My advice on Seven steps to a successful blog

  1. Thank you very much for this information. I think I will try to slow down my number of posts for a while. I read from another blogger that they thought the opposite and said you should try to post often and get a lot of posts out there. I am new to the blogging world and have so much to learn. I want to take more time to read right now and research more….. thank you for your posts. I appreciate them they are very helpful to me.

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