Betcha! What is SEO?Find Out How SEO Is Crucial For Blog Traffic

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I wanted to briefly scan over the topic of SEO. My prior blog post was explaining that it’s important to expand your views outside of WordPress.👇

So I wanted to at least give you some information on potential ways that could be done. Besides communicating with others on social media,SEO is another way readers find your blog. For those of you who don’t know, SEO is defined as the following:

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of affecting the visibility of a website or a web page in a web search engine’s unpaid results—often referred to as “natural”, “organic”, or “earned” results.

Search engine optimization – Wikipedia

So for example, if someone wants to learn about elephants, they would type in “information on elephants” into Google’s search engine. Then search results would pop up with numerous links. The goal would be for your blog post (link) about elephants to come up in at least the first or second page of results.

Now that everyone hopefully has an idea about what SEO is about, let’s dig right in. Honestly, I feel like in my opinion, a minimum focus should be on SEO. Why? Because I think the playing field is not fair. There are companies that promise that they will get you front page of the search results. I personally don’t know how true that is because I’ve never used the service, but I hear that big companies with plenty of budget use it to get front page. If you personally have used the service, I would love for you to share your experience in the comment box. I’m sure others could benefit from the information😊. Anyway, there is steps you can take to “organically” get yours closer up in page results. But this is very hard to do because you are literally competing with thousands of other people.

The best advice I can give you is give out the best quality content you can. Why? Because crawlers are constantly looking for quality content. SEO Marketing World explains it very clearly and easy to understand. 👇

What are Crawlers? How do they work?

When you hear people talk about Crawlers in the context of SEO, they are referring to the programs that search engines use to scan and analyze websites in order to determine their importance, and thus their ranking in the results of internet searches for certain keywords. Crawlers are also often referred to as spiders or robots.

Crawlers are very active, and often account for a great deal of the visitors to websites all over the internet. The Google crawler, known as Googlebot, is particularly active, and will often visit a website several times a day, checking for updates or new information. Studies have shown that it is much more active than other crawlers, the closest being the Yahoo crawler, which is about half as active as Googlebot.

SEO is aimed at understanding how crawlers work and what they look for the determine the importance and ranking of certain sites. The idea is to then implement strategies that will fill websites with the kind of information that the crawlers will determine to be of high value.

Crawlers are on the lookout for sites that are rich with the kinds of keywords that people search for, and sites that contain those keywords in high density are seen as being more relevant, and thus will be awarded high rankings. However, crawlers also gather other information important in determining rankings, including link population information and filenames structure.

Some forms of search engine marketing are deliberately aimed at deceiving the crawlers into thinking a site is more important than it is. These are known as black hat techniques, and they are frowned upon by most web optimizers, as they can produce penalties from search engines.

That’s why I stress having quality post is important. You don’t want to have post where you ramble on. I’ll leave a link explaining that further below👇

Also, there will be a part 2 on this subject! 

My points for this post is the following: 

  • SEO is the strategic steps you take to come up first in the search engines results.
  • It can be paid for, so it’s not always a fair playing ground.
  • Search engine crawlers look for quality content.
  • Providing quality content can boost your chances.

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50 Free Ways To Increase Your Twitter Followers

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I wanted to give you guys some tips on how to get more readers from Twitter. But you can’t accomplish that without followers from Twitter.  I personally don’t use Twitter. I have an account, but I’ve never used it. So I won’t come on here pretending to be a Twitter expert. But Jayson DeMers a contributor from Forbes gave some good tips! The article said it will provide the following:

This article will examine at 50 ways you can increase your Twitter followers, and take advantage of the many benefits of Twitter. The strategies below all fit into one of the following 4 categories:

  • Tweeting content that’s so enticing and/or informative that it’s likely to be retweeted
  • Following others so they’ll follow you back
  • Tweeting content in a way that it actually gets seen
  • Promoting your Twitter account effectively

So here is the link if you’re interested

Also, if you are a Twitter expert, why not create a post about your knowledge of Twitter. Or simply leave a comment below with a tip that might help someone else!


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Discover the 3 Reasons Why WordPress Readers Can Drastically Stunt the Growth of Your Traffic

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Today I wanted to talk about the importance of getting readers outside of WordPress. Getting the support of fellow bloggers is a wonderful thing. But did you know counting on your fellow bloggers alone for traffic will stunt the growth of your blog. Unfortunately, there is too many bloggers who may be trying to compete with you in your niche, and who are overwhelmed with trying to be a reader/blogger. I personally can say juggling both can get overwhelming!  Here is some of the benefits of getting readers outside of WordPress:

  1. There’s a lesser chance the reader is a competitor.
  2. You can publish more articles.
  3. You will get an increased loyal fan base.

Now let me explain the benefits in detail. The first benefit says that there’s a decreased chance the reader is a competitor. So for example say someone’s niche is poems. They write wonderful poems, as well as enjoy reading them. But on the other hand, they find themselves getting a little jealous and start to compare theirs to yours. But the reader who found you through Facebook doesn’t have such emotions. Why? Because they don’t write, they just read. And I’m not saying that all bloggers are like that! But this is real life and not everybody will have goodwill towards other bloggers.

Now the second one say you can publish more articles. Yes you can! This is perfect for those of you who love to  publish 4 articles and more per day. So say for example your niche is short stories. You like to publish up to five or more a day. But that’s not convenient for me as a blogger. Why? Because I have 30 other bloggers I’m trying to support, I have my family to take care of, and my own article to write (which takes time). Now I’m left feeling  awful because I couldn’t get through reading all of your stories. But the reader from Facebook on the other hand read all 5 short stories! Why? Because they aren’t a blogger. They simply like to sit down in their spare time and read.

Which leads me right into my 3rd reason. If a reader finds you outside of WordPress, that means they most likely searched your niche out through the search engine, or someone shared it through social media and they took a look.  So say for example your niche is writing articles on black culture, and someone using google typed in black culture in the 50’s. Then your post came up in the search results titled, “Famous Black Musicians of the Fifties.” The reader clicks your link, read the material, and enjoys it.  And not only did they enjoy it, but now they are a loyal fan! Not a loyal fan of yours and 60 other bloggers, but yours and a few other’s. So the result is that they will read as many articles as you put out with joy!

My points are the following: 

  • Depending on WordPress alone for readers will stunt your growth.
  • There is too many readers that are potential competitors
  • Readers outside of WordPress have more time to enjoy your work
  • Outside of WordPress you will get more loyal fans. 

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Love in it’s apex grade

I wanted to share this. I hope you guys enjoy as much as I did😊. Go check him out!

kens lite pen

This is not folly,

This is not lunacy,

This is love in it’s apex grade,

Despite your decision, and humbleness,

We will still disobey you,

Despite your commands,

We will still give a deaf hear to them,

Why die?

No one was there to be our hero,

No one could bear such pain,

No one.

Your father, our father chose you,

You accepted,

You knew the pain,

You knew the stripes that will be embodied on your flesh,

Yet, you agreed.

You’re a king,

Yet, you lie in wait to be carried like a sheep,

Truth is what you are, yet, we called you a liar,

You did not fight back,

You did not send your army.

Will you forgive us if we beg for forgiveness?


Will you treat us according to our sins?


Will you accept us back if we choose to secede from your ways?

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Psst! I Have Simple Tips to Drastically Improve Your Post Titles

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I wanted to give you guys more examples of titles. A good title can make all the difference of someone clicking into your post. Remember, readers like to feel like they are interested right from the start. So here are some examples of how you can word your titles:

The emojis show the readers reaction

😕 =I’m not sure

😄 = That look interesting! 

Recipe for Chocolate Chip Cookies

😕=”I already know how to make Chocolate Chip Cookies.”

Irresistible Chocolate Chip Cookies !

😄=” I wonder if it’s something special about theirs? I’m going to take a look.” 

Fun Family Outing

😕 =”That’s nice, but is it interesting? I’ll think about it and maybe come back later.”

You’ll Never Guess What Happened during My Family Outing!

😄= “Really? I guess I’ll take a look. “

Basic Pie Crust Recipe

😕= “I know how to make pie crust. “

One of the Easiest Basic Pie Crust Recipes to Make

 😄= “Hey! I need an easy pie crust recipe. Mine can be difficult!”

Workout Techniques for Moms

😕= “Hmmm…..I might come back later. I have techniques already.” 

7 Creative Workout Techniques for Moms that will increase your Vigor

😄= “Mine are getting quite boring! I’ll take a look! “

 Tips for a Sick Baby

😕= Hmmm…..

3 Effective Tips That will Bring your Baby Back to Health

😄= “I do need advice. Sometimes my methods aren’t effective. I’ll take a look.”

Do you guys see any difference in the two Titles? The titles with the 😕 Is causing readers to spend too much time in a liminal position. They are confused on if they should click in or not. If they are short of time or impatient, they will most likely save themselves the stress and say, “NEXT.” The titles with the 😄 is going to satisfy your readers appetite for curiosity, entertainment, and need for useful information. Us readers/bloggers in the WordPress community is more understanding on plain titles because we know how it is to not be sure on how to word it. But readers outside of the WordPress community can’t relate to the struggle, so they are fast to move on. So it’s important to give an enticing title that gives a clue about what’s in your post. So give them a hint that it’s worthy of reading by saying “irresistible” , “pungent” or “effective” in your titles.

My points for this post are the following: 

  • How you word your titles can be what causes a reader to click your post or not.
  • Satisfy your readers appetite for entertainment and useful information by making enticing titles.
  • If readers feel confused on their desires, they will more likely move on.
  • Use words like “pungent”, “effective”, or “irresistible” in your titles.

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List of all the Meet and Greets!

There is way more Meet and Greets than I thought it would be, so I’ve decided to put all the current Meet and Greets on one page for your convenience. I will add to the list if I see more. So join the parties! 

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