Betcha didn’t know I was nominated for the 3 day quote challenge!

Betcha didn’t know that a wonderful blogger name Brooke from nominated me for the 3 day quote challenge!  Thanks Brooke! This is my first one ,so I’m so excited! I want to pass on these challenges to 3 wonderful bloggers. Then tomorrow I get to pick 3 more! If you accept the challenge:

  • Give out 3 quotes per day
  • Quote for 3 days
  • Nominate 3 bloggers each day
  • Notify them of nominations

Now time for my 3 quotes for the day!

You will never live out your dreams unless you take a risk. 
There is no better feeling than proving someone wrong!😄
We often don’t make huge moves in life because we are afraid of the task defeating and overpowering us. But you are stronger than you think! 

Betcha didn’t know!😄

Photo Credit/pixabay and shutterstock


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