Is the Grass Greener part 2

John dropped the book and the sound of it hitting the tile floor woke Rebecca up. John stood over her and said, ” Did you have a good sleep honey?”

” Oh, hi John, what are you doing home so early? What time is it?” Rebecca sat up and started feeling around for her book.

” It’s a little past eleven. I had to leave work early because of a bad stomach ache. I’m hoping It’s not food poisoning; I did eat off of a weird looking food truck yesterday. Perhaps it wasn’t real beef in those burritos after all.” As John talked, Rebecca sneakily rubbed her hand around the creases of the seat cushion.

“Is everything alright honey? Did you lose something?” Rebecca stopped and looked stunned.

“Umm…oh, yes! I think I dropped my keys in the cushion.” Rebecca got up and stooped down on the floor. When she finally noticed the book on the floor besides the recliner, she quickly grabbed it to slide it underneath. But it was already too late. Her husband stopped her in the tracks and said, ” Read any good books lately?” At that moment, all Rebecca could do was turn to John and look at him stunned.



“Haha! That’s a funny thing to ask John, why? ”

” Oh…..because I thought you might want to read this.” He picked up the book and handed it to her. ” Is that what you were looking for Rebecca?” John stood over her and gazed into her eyes. Rebecca just sat there quiet with her jaw hung low. At that point, all Rebecca could do was just sit there in utter embarrassment.

“Rebecca why did you keep this from me?”

” I just felt that it would ruin your ego if you found out. I mean, you know we don’t have much of a sex life.”

John bursted out laughing. “Did you just say my ego!? What are you insinuating!? I mean, should it ruin my ego? Let’s take a closer look here.” John opened up the book to start reading.

“John don’t! That’s not what I meant! Please!” Rebecca tried to grab the book, but he blocked her with with his arm and began to read. “Hmm….. let’s start here on page twenty where you bookmarked.” Rebecca fell back onto her recliner covering her face as he began to read.

” It says here that Lorenzo walked Julia into the beach house and offered her a seat on the couch. The passion between them grew more and more as they stared into each other’s eyes. Lorenzo sat by Julia on the couch and before they knew it they were kissing passionately. Julia pushed him away out of breath and…..”

Rebecca got up and snatched the book out of his hand before he could get out the next word. ” That’s enough already! Yes, okay! I read romance novels! Instead of cheating on you I read this. I get lonely and miserable. You never want to be romantic! Why can’t I at least fantasize!? ”

” You know what Rebecca, you’re right! Go ahead and fantasize! Fantasize about your dream guy Lorenzo!” John shoved her aside and rushed out the door.  Rebecca started to cry and threw the book in the trash.


All day she kept calling him but there was no answer. She didn’t see from her husband until late that night. He quietly walked in the door and walked pass her. ” John I’m getting ready to go to work, did you want to talk before I leave? ” He didn’t look at her and walked straight towards the kitchen. He ate his dinner in silence and then went straight to bed on the couch. Rebecca finally realized that John wanted nothing to do with her, so she kissed her son goodnight and headed to work. She cried throughout  the whole drive to work and walked into the nurses station with her head down.

” Hey Rebecca!” Yelled her friend Jane. So, what happen at the beach house with Lorenzo?”

“Don’t mention that book to me ever again, I threw it away. I could care less what happen at the beach house. Reading about the lust of Lorenzo destroyed my marriage!” Rebecca pounded her head on the table and started sobbing.


“Rebecca! Get yourself together!” Jane looked around in embarrassment. “Calm down and tell me what happened.”

” When I went home I fell asleep on the recliner with the book on my lap. John noticed it and got really mad and jealous. I told him it was just fantasy, but he wasn’t having it. He said go ahead and continue to “fantasize” about Lorenzo!” Rebecca put her hands over her face.

Jane reached over and hugged Rebecca. “That was a mouth full. I’m so sorry. See, yesterday I told you………”

Rebecca interrupted Jane in the middle of her sentence. “I definitely don’t want to hear your I told you so Jane!  Either way, what’s done is done! I’d rather just work tonight and then deal with it when I get home. ”

Rebecca got herself together and started making her rounds. As she made it to her last room before lunch she heard a soft sound of Frank Sinatra singing ” Fly me to the Moon”. There sat on the hospital bed a gentleman with salt and pepper hair and an innocent smile. He appeared to be in his early fifties. He had a very smooth and classical look to him. He sat there staring into space looking as if he was reminiscing about beautiful yesterdays.

” Hi Mr. Abate, I’m your nurse for the night shift. I’m Rebecca. She gave him a big smile despite the fact that she felt like crap. I’ll be checking your vitals and giving you your medication.”

“Oh, welcome nurse Rebecca. Nice to meet you. I’m Mr. Albate.” He gave her a little grin. “You look exausted. Maybe you should take my place and I take your vitals!” He gave out a loud chuckle.

“Haha! That was a good one Mr. Albate. But You’re probably right!” They both bursted out in laughter.

“Sorry to interrupt you, you are listening to some pretty good music right now!” Rebecca said.

“Don’t worry about it. I can’t sleep anyway. And seeing such a beautiful lady with a warm smile helps a lot. Do you like Frank Sinatra?”

Rebecca began to smile and blush. She began taking his vitals. He gazed into her face in silence with a slight grin. “Yes, I’ve listened to Frank Sinatra a few times,” said Rebecca.

“Hmmm…Yes, I’m the biggest Frank Sinatra fan you will ever meet he said. Listening to this takes me back to my youth. My dad would play Frank Sinatra everyday after work. He would light his pipe, sit back, and read a newspaper. He was a classy man. My dad isn’t alive now, but I carry on his tradition”.

“That is just lovely! Welp Mr. Albate, your vitals seem just fine. Besides your stomach flu, you’re okay.  And here is your pills. You should be feeling much better by tomorrow. ”

Mr. Albate just smiled and continued to gaze. “Is there anything else I can help you with, Rebecca asked. Do you need a refreshment? ”

“I’m sorry to just gaze at you, but you are so beautiful and kind. And such sorrow hidden behind that smile. I can tell you are a great person in need of a listening ear. I probably won’t be here tomorrow night. I know this is kind of inappropriate, but I would like to give you my number. Maybe I can take you out for dinner sometime.”

Rebecca looked at him stunned. ” Oh, Mr. Albate, I couldn’t, I’m married. Also, I don’t mix business with pleasure. I’m sure you’re a great guy to talk to, but I just can’t.  I’m sorry. ” Rebecca smiled at him in remorse.

” Don’t be sorry. You’re only trying to do the right thing. And I respect that you are a married woman. That’s why I am asking for a dinner date as a friend. You can have friends can’t you?”

Rebecca looked at him and said well…….


To be continued

Rebecca just had a horrible fight with her husband. Now, she so happen to run into a charming patient who wants to take her out for dinner as “friends”! Will Rebecca accept Mr. Albate’s number? Read the continuation to find out! 

Read part 1 here:

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Is the Grass Greener? part 1

Hi friends! I’m writing another short story. Here on Betcha didn’t know I write a little of everything! And disclaimer: I’m not a professional writer, so yes, you might notice flaws. Anyway, some of you enjoyed the Story of kitten, so I hope you enjoy this as much.😀

In the small town of Red Bluff California lives a 40 year old nurse named Rebecca who is the wife of a 50 year old high school teacher named John. They have one son together named Jeff who is sixteen. They aren’t the happiest married couple alive, but they share enough love to have sustained a marriage for eighteen years. They met twenty years ago at a local bar in their small town. At the time Rebecca was a bartender there, and John was a heartbroken lad who entered the bar to drink his pain away. He had just been dumped by his girlfriend. Rebecca happen to be the bartender that night who was there to lend a listening ear to John. After that night meeting at the bar they were inseparable. But, that was twenty years ago. They aren’t nearly as close as they use to be. They both eventually got lost in their careers and parenthood. So, the spark in their marriage is pretty much obsolete as a result. But, that never stopped Rebecca from fantasizing about romance. She loved to read romance novels at break during her night shift as a nurse.

Jane her friend and co-worker found Rebecca indulged in her novel. “Rebecca are you reading one of those romance novels again?”

“Oh, hi Jane” Rebecca said as she gazed down at the page. “Don’t interrupt me now Jane, Lorenzo is about to take Julia to his beach house for a romantic dinner!”

” Haha! Rebecca does your husband know you spend your break at work drooling over romantic novels?”

” No, and I don’t plan on him finding out either! That would definitely destroy his Manly ego! It’s just that our love life sucks, so I have to get excitement from somewhere.”

” You and John should work on your love life; you guys are such a lovely couple. Besides, you can’t read novels forever; what kind of marriage is that?”

” I know Jane, it’s just that he’s always busy or tired. I try to flirt with John  sometimes, but he usually just brush it off.”

” Well, do something Rebecca. Eventually he will find out about you and those novels.”

” Yeah” Rebecca said sadly. Rebecca closed the book and started gazing into space daydreaming about being Julia at the beach house having a romantic dinner with Lorenzo.”

“Breaks over! You better get back to work before you get caught not doing your rounds!” yelled Jane.

“Oh yeah, thanks Jane. I did lose track of time.” Rebecca quickly got up and got back to work. After Rebecca’s shift was over, she went straight home. She was eager to read what was going to happen at the beach house with Lorenzo. Rebecca get home in the morning after night shift. Her husband is usually at work, and her son Jeff at school. So it is the perfect time for her to continue her romance novel. So she took a seat in her favorite recliner, got a cup of coffee, and began to read her romance novel. But just after a paragraph her eyes got heavy. She didn’t take into account that she just worked for eleven hours. No matter how hard she fought to keep her eyes open, she couldn’t. Her eyes finally closed, her head fell back, and her book was left resting in her lap.


John her husband had a terrible stomach ache, so he left his class early and went home sick.  He expected his wife to be sleep when he got home from work, so he opened the door quietly. As soon as he walked into the living room he saw his wife sound asleep on the recliner. He smiled and walked over to her to give her a kiss on the forehead and cover her up with a blanket. As he leaned over he saw a shiny book. He noticed it had a romantic cover.


“What is this?” Jhon said.  John had a look of curiosity on his face. He picked up the book and read the title saying, The Lust of Lorenzo. He quietly opened the book and started scanning over sentences. The more he read, the wider his jaw dropped.


John dropped the book and the sound of it hitting the tile floor woke Rebecca up. John stood over her and said………….

To be continued! John has finally caught his wife with her romance novel. Is John going to take it lightly, or will it cause a problem between them and become Disastrous ? Read the continuation to find out!  

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We have no soul/ spirit?

Hi friends! I wanted to talk about how a lot of people debate on whether we have a soul or not. I’m assuming that atheist are the ones who believe that once we “die” that’s it. Materialist believe that conciousness/mind and self-awareness resides directly in the brain. In other words, they believe that we are flesh robots! It’s the neurons sparking that create our minds.


Most scientist and medical researchers take that stance on conciousness. I’m no professional, but I want to give my personal opinion. I don’t even have to use spirituality or philosophy to prove my point that we have a soul. Our conciousness is not the brain! Our soul uses our brain! So I’m going to use a common sense approach. The first step is to know what the human brain looks like.


Yes, this is the human brain. The human brain is made of gray matter. This is made up of about 100 billion neurons that gather and transmit signals while the white matter is made of dendrites and axons that the neurons use to transmit signals. The brain is composted of about 75% water and is the fattiest organ in the body, consisting of a minimum of 60% fat.(The Human Brain – Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago). So, as you can see, it doesn’t contain thoughts or self-awareness inside of it on it’s own. There’s no projector or computer chip hidden inside the brain. It’s just an organ made of flesh. It also doesn’t hold electrical sparks inside of it without a force behind it. The force is you by the way. Without you it’s a lump of matter! Now, what can we compare the function of the brain to? How about a television!


As you can see, the television is made of matter too. It’s Just a different texture and not made of cells. Now, look at the brain and television. Both are dead without a force to operate it and bring it to life. Both is just a clump of matter. The television is powered by energy in the wall. Hey! Guess what! We are also powered by energy. Did you know that we are made of energy!? Yes! That’s why the brain and heart has electrical impulses when you the force is behind it! Also, that is why we need food and the sun to maintain our energy! We are energetic beings. But, since we are souls, we don’t need to plug in the wall! We are the energy! Now we all know that the television needs signal to show a picture.


Now, for you materialists, are you assuming that our brain made of matter is receiving signal from some artificial satellite giving us humans self-awareness and mind? Well, that could work if we all thought exactly the same like robots! But we don’t! That’s why we are debating on whether we have a soul or not. No two people think exactly alike! Have you noticed that televisions have the same channels! People from all over can view the same program on the same channels. That’s because it’s using an artificial satellite/ signal. And no matter how “smart” your television is, it’ll never be self-aware or conscious like you. It can only receive energy from the wall, satellite signals, and preprogrammed features. Now you on the other hand, where do you think your brain get it’s signal from? No, not just the neurons. Neurons are just:

plural noun: neurons
  1. a specialized cell transmitting nerve impulses; a nerve cell.
 As you can see, the definition says nothing about you being a neuron. The neuron and cells is not conscious . It’s just a nerve! So, again, where is the signal itself coming from? Hmmm…sound spooky…🎃😄! The signal is coming from your soul/ spirit silly! You incorporate your conciousness into your brain. You create the mind of the brain. Mind is not tangible. When you tell the brain to move your leg, then it moves. Your brain doesn’t tell you to move your leg then you move it. Your brain doesn’t control you, you control it! When you dream, there is no projector to create images in your brain. That is you your soul in dream land. And yes, if the brain becomes damaged, your soul won’t be able to use certain functions of the tool you use to interact with this plane of existence. The same way if you smash the television screen, you won’t be able to see the picture anymore. But that doesn’t mean the source the picture came from is destroyed. Why? Because the signal is not tangible, just the television! If you unplug the television, the tv is dead. But, the source of energy/ electricity is not! It just went back to it’s source. Just like the tv signal went back to it’s source because it can no longer use that set to shine through!
Sound familiar huh? When our soul can no longer use the body and brain to interact with this plane of existence, our energy and conciousness simply go back to it’s source. Energy can’t be created nor destroyed. Conciousness, mind and self-awareness is not tangible. So it can’t be destroyed! That’s how God was able to give us eternal life. He made the real us intangible!

So, after clearly explaining how we have a soul, does anybody still think we have no soul!? 

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A Divine Quest

Hey friends! I go to a site called Heaven Letters. This is a wonderful site. The writer of this site is awesome. Very great writer! JI go to this site from time to time for inspiration and encouragement. I would like to share today’s Heaven letter with my friends!😁 Enjoy! 


A Divine Quest

God said:

You have heard the advice: “Don’t be on a fool’s errand.”

You may look at this guidance in several ways. One way is: What else is there in the temporal Life on Earth but a fool’s errand? HA HA!

All the running around you do and all the dreams you dream, and soon or late, dreams change their appearance, and, soon or late, you walk out of this worldly Life and wave a fond good-bye and enter the Highest Heavens which, I remind you — you have never left.

To enter the Highest Heavens is everyone’s Destiny.

At the same time as this is true, you do not always feel confident in your Destiny. Regardless, you are on a Divine Quest. As you seek, so shall you find. I am wanting to clarify that in your seeking intimate and ultimate Truth, you are not a fool, and Life cannot quite be a fool’s errand, for your God’s Honest Truth will come to you.

That which you seek is your Self, beloveds. Whatever quest you may believe you are on, no matter how worthy-seeming or worthless-seeming, it is your Self you are seeking. To seek your Self – this is great privilege and happiness. As you come closer to your Holy Self, the greater the mastery you reveal. Closer to your Self are you as you continue in Life. Surely you will come to see your growth. Hail to you, Beautiful Soul of Mine.

Living Life on Earth is your project. Everyone has the same yet so different a project. Yes, there is this Infinite Oneness, and there is also the Wonder of Individuality.

No two human Beings are alike. There is a whole world of Oneness, and there is a whole world of separate uniqueness as well. Instead of one ribbon of Life, each Child of Oneness is two-ribboned, two-pronged, We can say.

You live in a world filled with wonders of diverse kinds. The world is entirely filled with royalty that looks like royalty or may look like ruffian-ship and poverty of one kind and another. Nevertheless, all the differences are on the surface. In the Depths, there is Oneness. There is Oneness, Beloveds.

Surely you know you live in a magical world where anything can seem to be or not seem to be.

Just think of all the varieties of language, of countries, of soil and scenery, and waterways. What a great Kingdom of Kingdoms you live in. What a blueprint I have given you. This is your Destiny, and you will fulfill it.

You hardly dare dream of what is coming around the corner for you. You are going to meet something Great, for your destiny is embedded within you. Of course, you are made for Greatness.

The Greatness you are made for consists not of ego. O My Goodness, ego can’t even light a candle to you. One way or another, ego will trip you up. Even when ego delivers the honorariums you like, somehow or another, it will lay you low. In Truth, ego plays tricks on you. Ego will cheat you. The best ego can do is to lead you on.

In the world, you have had bouts of ego. As powerful as you are, ego has had its way with you and trounced you. At the same time, no matter how ego may have had its fun with you at your expense, there is absolutely nothing lacking in you. You have paid attention to the blackguard ego who seems more real to you than the world of Spirit that may elude you.

You are learning all the tricks of the trade of this Great Life on Earth right now. Faster and faster, you become closer and closer to your Destiny.

You and I, We meet head on.

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Never Buy Frozen burritos Again! Save Money Now! 💰

Hi friends! I want to give you a great money saving tip! If you’re like me, sometimes after a busy day you want the taste of a homemade meal without the big fuss. So we order out to get the closest thing to home cooked. But ordering out can be very expensive. So why not make your own frozen dinners! You get a home cooked meal, and it’s way better quality than the frozen dinners at the grocer. I used to fall victim to the packs of frozen burritos in the frozen food aisle. They were expensive and cheated me on the filling! I was chewing on tortillas and barely cheese and bean! So, I created the perfect solution! I simply made my own burritos and froze them. It’s very simple to do! Here is the recipe!

One pack of flour or wheat tortillas.
download (2)
One can of refried beans.
Shredded cheese of choice.

You can add any filling that you like, just make sure that it’s room temperature and it’s not dripping with moisture/ juice. If so, you will get soggy tortillas. For the bean burritos you can either heat up the refried beans in a saucepan and then let it cool to room temperature, or you can dump the beans out of the can into a bowl and stir it until it’s smooth. I usually loosen up my bean filling by heating and cooling  it to room temperature. Now that you have made the mixture pliable for spooning, lay out a single tortilla. Spoon your desired amount of filling onto the tortilla. Please don’t add too much filling or it will spill out when you fold up the tortilla! Then add your shredded cheese. Now it’s folding time!


You may not fold it properly the first couple of times. But don’t become discouraged. You’ll be just fine as long as you don’t add too much filling. Once you have all your burritos folded, wrap them individually in plastic wrap. Then put all the wrapped burritos in a large freezer bag. And now you have your own homemade frozen burritos!

Note: You can heat them up in the microwave, oven, or toaster oven.



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Are You Possessed By The Green Eyed Monster?

Hi friends! I wanted to talk about jealousy/ envy. This is a strong emotion that God gifted us with that we often misuse. Yes, you read right! This strong emotion is a gift. It wasn’t an emotion that was supposed to torment us, give us low self-esteem, and make us feel unworthy. It’s an emotion that was meant to pull out the best in us. It’s an alarm in us that reveals our deepest insecurities and desires of our hearts. You can learn a lot about yourself by examining those you are jealous of. Let me give you some examples. Perhaps you and your friend is overweight. You both get along perfectly as friends  because you both share the same insecurities of your bodies. But your friend decided to start eating more healthy and started exercising and lost a tremendous amount of weight.


So now you are feeling insecure and jealous of your friend. Misery loves company, and now you have no one to be miserable with. So now you lost a good friend because your envy caused you to lash out at her. You say things like ” You think you are better than me now” and ” You look like a skeleton” ; despite the fact you think she looks great. Instead, the right thing to do would be to notice how her new body makes you feel. Your jealousy really is your heart calling out for you to better yourself also. You’re miserable in your body and it’s time for YOU to make a change! Who else better to help you make that change than your friend! Let her be your help and inspiration! Get tips on how she was able to accomplish her goal so you can too! Before you know it, you both will be sharing in the victory!


Let me give one more example. Perhaps she is now in a new loving romantic relationship. Now you feel jealous and lonely.


Perhaps you never really thought about being in a relationship until you saw the happiness it brought your friend. Instead of trying to sabotage the relationship she’s in, notice how her relationship makes you feel. Perhaps it’s time to open up your heart and get in the dating scene. Maybe the ” I don’t need a man” club is not working for you anymore! If your friend found a healthy relationship, use her relationship as inspiration to move forward in your own love life. She might even know someone she could introduce you to!

This advice goes for anything you are jealous of. Whatever you are jealous of, put it as one of your goals to accomplish! It’s your heart telling you what paths in life it desires. Use the person you envy as inspiration! Watch them and get as many tips and advice from them as possible!


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Do I think all illegal immigrants should be sent back?

Hi friends. Hope your weekend went well. I want discuss if I think all immigrants should be sent back home. The answer for me is no. I think the whole situation is sad and unfortunate. The U.S. allowed immigrants to have a free for all with the border. They were given refuge, safety, and resources when they made it over illegally. They were given the dreamers program and were offered illegal jobs from employers. There were no consequences for their actions. Many of them have been here for years. They have set up shop, bought homes, and started families. The damage is done. Yes, there is plenty of undocumented people and families, but it’s inhumane and ridiculous to just start shipping people off who already were ALLOWED to come and set up shop. Immigrants have done nothing wrong! Lol😆! If you are given a free opportunity, wouldn’t you take it? It being illegal was an illusion. That’s why they were often bold enough to march and fight for certain rights. I compare it to being a marching thief. If you knew that being a  robber was illegal, would you get mad and start fighting for your right to steal. Perhaps you wanted to march for store owners not to be able to put security cameras in their stores because you feel like it infringes on your privacy to steal. If you are that bold, stealing being illegal is an illusion. So, no, they should not be shipped back. What they did was legal. But, what I do think should be done is anyone who is “illegal” have two years to get all proper identification. All identification fees will be waived or free; which means no more free rides. If you want to go to school you must have proper paperwork and pay tuition. If you get pulled over you must show identification. You must also have identification for employment. You must pay taxes and have all proper business licences. No public assistance without all documents. Those who don’t have proper paperwork will be denied jobs, education, and services. Why? Because that’s what’s fair. Us Local Americans are demanded to have those things. If you don’t have those things and you are caught in suspicious activity or caught in a crime by law enforcement, you will be investigated and sent back if found guilty. If you are not found guilty, but illegal,  you will be fined a fee for lack of effort to become documented within the two year period. Then you will have a court order to get documented. If you don’t comply, you will be sent back. That’s what I find fair. This is my opinion.

Immigrants need to become fully integrated with society! 


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