Illegal Immigration

Hi friends! I’m all over the place with my subjects! But things can get boring if you just stick to only one subject. Anyway, I wanted to give my two cents on illegal immigration. I personally don’t feel that anybody should come into a country without legal right. It has nothing to do with race or their need for a better life. It’s about law and order. The law is not being honored because too many people are taking it personal. Wanting immigrants to come legal is nothing personal. It’s about not breaking a law that was set forth for a reason! The law was put there to keep proper boundaries within countries. To keep track of who and what is going on in that country. That is called order. A country need order. If it’s a free for all, then that country will no longer know who or what is coming or going, if they have bad intentions, or will harm someone. If they break the law within that country, the law authorities have no idea who that person is or their criminal history because there is no paperwork. They won’t even contribute their fair share in taxes like those in the legal job market because they are working under the table. People have to understand it’s not personal but business! Stop letting your heart pour out for those who have good intentions. It doesn’t matter if they need safety or a better life for their family( don’t we all!) You are still breaking the law! Do we always let someone who steal a loaf of bread for their starving family go? No! Do we let store robbers go because they only wanted to use the money to feed their family? No! We don’t let them go good intentions or not because it turns into a free for all. Everyone is stealing freely now because everyone has a good excuse! Now you have no law and order, and your citizens now have to fear their safety! That’s all that happen here in America with immigration. They let one handful pass, now everyone wants to come in! And they have come in! Look, here is the simple solution! The government simply have to set forth proper reasonable procedures for people to come in. Don’t make the Paper work or procedures too hard or too easy. Make the procedure easy enough for those with good intentions to get in. That’s all! Besides, those who come in will have much more pride and self-respect. Instead of jumping fences, getting sick and dying hiding in trucks, and stealing resources. They can walk in America with their head held high and with pride. Contributing to this country legally and fairly. Everyone is so afraid to think logical because you don’t want to sound racist! Or you want to have a heart. Lol😄. The economy is bad and they have taken so many resources from the government. Resources that legal residents have a hard time getting. Long rant short.

Give illegal immigrants some self-respect and stop babying them. We need equal lawful freedom for all!


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A World With No Money?

Hi friends! I hear a lot of people these days say that the world would be a better place if money didn’t exist. That food, shelter, and everything should be free. Money is the root of all evil. I personally don’t think that money is evil, I think the person who uses the money with bad intent is evil. Money is merely a tool used for fair exchange. The problem in the world is that money is not being exchanged fairly. Prices for food is not matching it’s value and package size, minimum wage doesn’t match living cost, health care cost is ridiculous, and a college education is unbearable. The solution is to balance out income to cost of living. Not to get rid of money! If everything was free, life as we know it would collapse and a lot of people might not even get out Of bed. Enjoy going to Starbucks in the morning? Well, now Starbucks is closing down because not enough people have motivation to make coffee for 8 hours for free. Enjoy going out to eat? Well now a lot of restaurants are closing down because people are not willing to slave over a hot stove for 8 hours for free. Enjoy the convenience of the grocery store? The variety of foods at your finger tips? Well, that will eventually collapse too. It takes the hard labor of many people to get it to the market. I doubt people will do all that labor for free forever. People seem to forget that all the material things and places we love to go was made possible because of the labor of someone!


Why not just create more jobs, put the cost of things at proper value,  and disburse money fairly.  That’s a win win.  People can sustain their living cost, enjoy the fruit of their labor, and feel better about their jobs. That’s it and problem solved!


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Why I don’t judge other religions

Hi friends! I want to talk about why I personally don’t judge other religions. As humans, we have this little voice inside of us that believe that there has to be something or someone bigger than all of this. There has to be a purpose to this life and our life. And we yearn for love, safety, and to depend on someone bigger and more powerful than us. Our soul has this natural urge to be at one with the source of our breath. Billions of souls all around the world is looking, searching, and yearning for God.


None of us has seen God with our bare eyes. So you, me, and the whole world is going off of faith, traditions, and our heart. God can’t be seen, but can be felt so subtly in our soul and heart. We all swear that our religion is the right one! Muslim, Christian, Buddhist, Jehovah witness, Mormon, and so on. All of them is different in belief or practice. But the one thing we forget  that we all have in common is that we all are merely trying to connect with our source. Longing for that love, acceptance, and help from our source. The one that we all share just in different ways. And yes, Christians I know the bible say I am a jealous God and their should be no carved images before me. But, it’s not your place to judge them. It’s God’s! All you are doing is placing hate in your heart! And God doesn’t condone hate. It’s a Loop of hate. How do I know? Because hate creates an uneasy feeling inside you. It torments your soul. It causes one to act mean and angry. And anger causes strife on others. At the end of the day, we all are walking by faith. We all are going by word of mouth. Taking a big leap of faith that our religious book and practices is real. That’s all we can do. Christians! Please stop sending other religions to Hell for their personal belief! It’s not your place. A lot of us is merely in a particular religion because we were raised in it. We were taught that particular religion from youth. Do you really think God would destroy someone from lack of knowing? None of us really “know”. We all walk by faith. To think you are only right is only feeding your ego and making yourself feel superior. None of us is superior! We are all down here having a human experience. All having faith that someone or something have our back that’s beyond it all!


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This is the day that the LORD has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it!

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Who is God?

Hi friends! I wanted to give you my personal perspective on who God is to me. I think God is so powerful that he is beyond our human brain. So beyond us that we lower God’s image so our human brain can comprehend him. We give God a persona because that’s the best way to comprehend and wrap our mind around his existence. But I personally feel that God is beyond the human form and experience. Even the bible talk about how Jesus came down as man and not God to get the human experience. To come to us in a form we can recognize and understand. I don’t think that God is a guy sitting in the sky. I think that God is pure existence, consciousness, and energy. God has no gender, color, or race. God is not good or evil. God is not love or hate. God has no specific location. God was never created or born. God can’t be destroyed. God is not happy, mad, or sad. God just is.  All of these things I mentioned are part of the human experience. Duality, polarity, emotions, personality, and being created is all part of human experience. God is beyond human experience! God has no label. God just is. Lol! 😄God just is!  And often we can’t comprehend that. Jesus is the best thing we can understand because God took on an identity. Or we just make statues and molded images to pray to.  So, yes, we often make God in our own image. Then you might wonder why does the bible say that we are made in God’s image? Because we are. Our soul is in God’s image. Our true self.  Our soul is eternal pure self-awareness and consciousness that was torn from God/ source. We don’t have a gender or personality/ ego until we are born into human flesh. Just like Jesus. Yes, God created the human image, but God doesn’t live in the human image. And yes, it’s possible for God to create an image that God doesn’t partake in! And no, God doesn’t have to create an image from something . God just created the human image from scratch. Stop chasing your tail trying to comprehend God and his creation! You don’t have to Meddle in it!


Who created God? Who created who created God, then who created who created them and so on? What color is God? There’s so many races to choose from! Stop it! You can’t catch up with the creator of your brain! 


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Make your own sports drink! Save money now!

Hi friends! I wanted to give out a money saving tip. Lately I have been seeing the price of Gatorade go up. One bottle cost around $1.60 cents. During the winter it only cost like $0.80 cents per bottle.


So it’s fair to say that stores are taking advantage of Arizona 120 degree weather. But I refuse to pay that amount for Gatorade. Especially since it’s not known to be very healthy. Did you know that you can make your own supply of Gatorade for much cheaper?! This is what you will need:

  • Bottle water. Note: You can also use coconut water for added electrolytes!
  • Oranges, grapefruits, tangerine, lemons or limes. Any citric fruit.
  • Honey or sugar for sweeteners.
  •  Salt ( preferably sea salt or Himalaya pink salt.)

Now this is very simple. I don’t give measurements because you season to your taste. And you make as much or little as desired. Take your cup or gallon of water and squeeze in your citrus fruit. You want citric fruit because it contain electrolytes. Add as much squeezed fruit as you like. Then stir in your sugar or honey to your liking for sweetness. Lastly throw in and stir your pinch of salt. Add salt to your taste. Himalayan pink salt is great for added minerals.  Now drink up!



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You are God?

Hi friends! There is a theory that I have been exposed to recently that say we are God. That God is broken into pieces and he is exploring himself simultaneously. This theory is very different then what I’m used to in the Christian faith. So I wanted to give my perspective on this topic. In the bible it does say that God is within us.


Now, since I have mostly studied from the bible, that is the only document I have to back up my personal belief. I wasn’t around when the bible was created, so I can only have faith that what it say is true. But, just in case the bible isn’t completely true, and the work has been tampered with over the hundreds of years, I also use my own inner voice and judgement. I listen to my heart. And I do believe God lives inside of me. I believe we are all torn off of his eternal garment. We are an extension of the source. A good example would be an melting ice cube. God is the ice cube, and we are the water droplets that drip from it.


We are an extension from the source. I believe we were torn off of God to become our own person/ eternal soul. But, if you refreeze the ice, we become one again and there no separation. I don’t believe we are literally looking out of God’s eyes and we are God. But, let’s just say that the theory that we are God is true, we obviously wanted to have the illusion of separation. I don’t think we would create the illusion of separation to walk around claiming to be something we wanted to forget we were. It’s like how our children is an extension of us. Sometimes our child even look like our identical twin. But what if in reality our children is us in a separate form. And we have children so we can get away from just our self. We want that illusion of separation. We want someone to exchange I love you with, to befriend us, and to be grateful for the love and gifts we give and receive. But, our kids kept reminding us that they are us. They never admired or appreciated us because they always  telling us we are one in the same. So now the illusion served no purpose. How can you really enjoy life if you think you are God. How can you truly enjoy the creation of the universe if you think you did it? Despite the fact your human brain can’t even conceive how to make a sun, stars, moon, and so forth! Thinking you’re God only serve the purpose of ego. It only give you an illusion of feeling in control and having power over your life. But when tragedy and crisis hit, the illusion of power is crushed quick! Then that’s when you get off your ego trip and reach for someone or something outside yourself. The universe is an awesome creation, mankind is an awesome creation, The animal kingdom is an awesome creation.


Why not be Relieved of ego and allow yourself to reach outside of yourself and say thank you for creating all of this! Thank you for giving life. 

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Have you enjoyed God’s creation lately?

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